What we are doing

management consultancy

• business analysis -

- Reporting

- auditing

• Strategic Planning

- Management Planning

- Finance Planning

• Operational Application

- Management configuration

- Cash flow and Profitability Management i



• Investment and Project Consulting

- Analysis and Planning

- Financing Subsidies

- Business feasibility & Project Consulting

•Energy Investments

- Entire Investment

- Machine and Equipment Installation

• Tourism Investments

- Hotel Investments and Improvements

- Project Management



• Finance Management

- Analysis & Configuration

- Finance & Accounting Appraisal

• Asset and Resource Management

- Analysis of Financial Assets / Resources

- Budget and Expectations Analysis

• Debt Configuration

- Need and Resource Identification

- Planning and Operation



• IPARD – European Union

- Agritourism

-Aquaculture Products

- Meat Products

- Other incentives


- Academic Incentives

- Industrial Incentives

- Scientific Incentives

• Incentives from Ministry of Economy

- Export Incentives

- Investment Incentives

- Tertiary Sector Inventives


- R&D and Innovation Incentives

- Entrepreneurship Incentives

- Project Incentives

- Grant Incentives

• Agriculture and Livestock

- Area Based Incentives

- Agricultural Incentives

- Livestock Incentives


Together we can do better!

With the solutions specially developed for the company and its activities; we offer audit, analysis and planning phases, as well as the phases of business development and implementation support of the identified models, processes and systems together.

Entegre Business Solutions Team; consists of specialized consultants who are committed to producing high quality services and products to meet the goals and expectations of the companies they serve.

Entegre Business Solutions ,keeping the customers’ needs and satisfaction in the foreground, aims to support and achievement of long term business and power cooperation with application and management support , produces sustainable applicable practical solutions by developing business and methods in accordance with changing conditions and expectations

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